Hot Spot Solar Cooking System

Price List                              

Reflecting Dish, including  
45" Diameter Reflecting Dish
Hand Vacuum Pump
Tripod Stand
1 Telescoping Leg for Elevation Adjustment
Instruction Manual
Shipping Container
Vinyl plastic/cardboard Film Cover
1 Pair Sunglasses
                                                          $ 280.00

Cooking Options:
2 Pegboard Brackets for Pole Mount                                      $      7.50
Insulated Barbeque Pan , wi. heat diffuser plate                  $    65.00
Inverted Oven, including
Pole Mount, with Reflective Covering
Internal Food Basket
Temperature gage
                                                                                                   $  135.00

Tea Kettle for Pole Mount                                                            $   36.00

Additional Sunglasses                                                                 $     8.00 ea.

Shipping and taxes not included

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Price List