Solar Barbeque-  Green You Can Taste!!
Typical Setup- Concentrating dish has a focal length of
8-10 feet, resulting in a hot spot of app. 1000F.  The
cooking surface is usually elevated  
Insulated Pan for cooking brats, burgers,
steaks, boneless ribs.  Comes with a
diffuser plate that spreads out the solar heat
for an even cooking surface.
(shown with wind cover)
Freshly Baked Bread from the inverted oven
Inverted oven for baking bread, cooking
roasts,  stews, etc.   On windy days a
transparent cover lets the concentrated
solar energy through, but keeps the wind
Roast Beef and oven bag just removed from
the inverted oven
A Better Focus Co.
Directed Energy Cooking
Concentrating Dish
Pole-mounted insulated barbecue pan
The Hot Spot concentrating dish is essentially a focusing "helostat" like those
utilized in central receiver solar power stations that generate electricity.   The
dish reflects the sun's radiant energy from it's 45" diameter, and focuses it to
a 4"-6" diameter spot of highly concentrated energy.    This energy can be
easily directed onto any cooking surface.  Temperatures of over 1000F are
easily achievable on a sunny day (see specifications).  Slight adjustment of
the dish is required every 15 minutes or so as the sun's position changes.   

Brochure for Hot Spot Solar Concentrating Dish
Dish Construction-  A near-perfectly round and flat dish forms the basic
structure, over which a high quality reflective film is stretched. A hand
vacuum pump evacuates the cavity formed between the film and dish,
causing the film to deform into a concave mirror that focuses the sun's
energy at a distance of between 8 and 10 feet.The dish will hold it's
focus for several days. A tripod stand is provided, with one telescoping
leg for elevation adjustment. A plastic lined cardboard film cover is
provided to inhibit punctures during handling, and also to prevent soiling
of the reflective film. The dish is extremely strong, yet weighs only 8

Cooking Accessories- A number of cooking accessories are available for
mounting to a simple pole stand. Many people modify an existing
umbrella table by drilling two holes in the pole to accept a peg-board
bracket for holding an insulated barbecue pan or wire basket, a
teakettle, or other cooking accessory. An inverted oven is by far the
most efficient method of capturing and holding solar energy. Our design
again utilizes a top-of -pole mount, and is capable of baking bread,
roasting chicken, beef, or pork, and also cooking chili or stews.
A Better Focus Co. is willing to provide this technology to qualifying NGOs
and other organizations that promote the use of solar cooking in
developing countries.  We have developed a dish utilizing the lowest
possible cost of materials.  Technology and training are offered for
in-country manufacturing.