Solar concentrating systems offer the hope of being the most cost-effective
method of capturing and utilizing solar energy, but the fact remains that traditional
combustion-based generation of thermal and electrical energy (boilers) are much
less expensive for the typical industrial user.   Companies are compelled to select
the most economical thermal and electrical power generation possible in order to
survive. The public relations advantages of “being green” are difficult to justify
for the typical industrial user.  

Best Cost Concentration
ABF, LLC.  is dedicated to closing the cost gap between traditional combustion-
based power generation and concentrating solar generation.   The first step is to
reduce the cost of materials utilized.  Traditional concentrating solar systems have
utilized glass mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight in either a line-focus
trough arrangement, or in a point-focus dish arrangement.   Our patented  
Vacu -
Dish design utilizes reflective film, eliminating the need for tons of glass
substrate.  Newly developed reflective films by
ReflecTech Solar and others offer
superior performance to glass mirrors, and have proven to have similar long-term
durability to glass.  
Our "point focus" solar dishes concentrate solar energy from 4' and 8' diameter
dishes to a 4-6" spot that can easily reach temperatures of over 1000F.
We currently offer a 4' diameter dish for
cooking applications, with a full line of
Research is on-going for a larger focusing heliostat dish for power generation
applications, with several prototype dishes constructed and tested.  A 4-dish
tracking system has been  designed, and a 1/4 scale model constructed and
tested.  Performance data  is under the "Power Dish" tab.

We are currently looking for a
user/partner that has a year-round need for low
pressure steam or hot water to participate in the construction of a full-scale
system with 4 x 8' diameter dishes mounted to a fully automated tracking frame.

Patents for the concentrating dish design and the tracking frame design have been

Latest Updates:
presentation at American Solar Energy Society Conference (ASES), in Oct., 2017
Solar Cooking and Beyond- Pursuing Best Cost Solar Thermal Generation.

Poster Presentation presented at Solar Power Intl. (SPI), in Sept., 2017
Pursuing Best Cost Solar Concentration
QA testing of 4' diameter cooking dishes

ABF Solar, LLC.
Concentrating Solar Dishes for Cooking
and Power Applications
1/4 scale model of proposed 15-20KW Dish/Thermal
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